It's time to build a high-performing, engaged family.

  • Does your family have clarity?
  • Are your family goals aligned?
  • Do you have an empowered mindset?
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For most, sharing our lives with a happy, healthy family is at the top of our priority list. While each family is unique in its' own way, there are universal traits that can help you build a strong family.

Similar to a high-performing team, the secret to building a high-performing family are the dynamics, characteristics, values, and the trust of each member. This assessment will help you assess the status of your shared vision, level of communication, and how clear, empowered, and aligned each family member is.


Tips for Better Work-Life Integration

Work at work.

Whether your workplace is a corner of your den or an actual office, when you’re there, your intention should be to get work done.

Leave work at work.

Even if you have a home office, you don’t have to work around the clock when starting a business.

Be present.

When you're away from work, be present not just in body but also in spirit and consciousness.

Give yourself grace.

There’s no simple guidebook for how to do all that you need to do while starting a business and raising a family, so don’t beat yourself up when things go sideways.

The Wheel of Life Exercise

One's Wheel of Life is like a tire on a vehicle: when one side is not balanced, the tire becomes flat. The same concept happens in our lives when one or more areas are in need of our attention, that imbalance affects our entire well-being.

We can be intentional about balancing this wheel of life by shifting our focus and energy to the categories that need it the most.

“We don’t have to be perfect, just engaged and committed to aligning values with actions.”

- Brene Brown


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Mpowered Families provides the tools, processes, and community that will serve as a catalyst for high-achieving individuals to build high-performing families.

Through our highly immersive and interactive workshops, you will gain a community of like-minded family leaders and the tools necessary to unlock your family’s full potential and build a high-performing family.

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