Build an engaged, high-performing family.

Through our highly immersive and interactive workshops, you will gain a community of like-minded family leaders and the tools necessary to unlock your family’s full potential and build a high-performing family.


Empowering Families to Live Their Dream Life

At Mpowered Families, our vision is to help you have a family life filled with purpose, alignment, and connection. We help you create a shared vision, improve communication, and take action to be intentional about the life you and your family want to lead together.

"It was very collaborative. Just getting to hear what other people have to say about certain topics; it's just inspiring and motivating to learn from other people."
–Couple Testimonial

What does a high-performing family look like?


Gain clarity around the overarching goals of your family, the values it represents, and the role each family member plays in future success.


When we align our family’s purpose and values, we are able to balance individual wants and needs with the wants and needs of the family.


Take control of building the family life you want with an empowered mindset to grow as individuals and as a family unit.

Mpowered Families Program

A Transformational 1-Year Program

In this year-long program, we’ll help you move from theory to practice with actionable insights on how to create alignment and intentionality in your family.

  • Build better family habits that allow you to strengthen your connection with your spouse and children
  • Explore your passions and vulnerabilities to unlock your family’s full potential
  • Get your family on the same page with multiple actionable tools and resources

Foundational Curriculum

Q1 Workshop
Knowing ThyselfExplore how to build habits that enable you to live a life of purpose and intentionality.
Aligning as a FamilyGain alignment on your core values, goals, and long-term vision for your family.
Q2 Workshop
Q3 Workshop
Problem-SolvingIdentify unique problems in your family life and use a problem-solving approach to find solutions together.
Dealing With ConflictLearn to handle conflict and approach difficult conversations with an open mindset.
Q4 Workshop

Enhanced Programming

Upon graduation from the 1-year Mpowered Families program, you'll have the opportunity to extend your learning through our enhanced programming covering topics such as:

Walk away with the tools you need to create stronger relationships with your children.

Establish a healthy work-life integration to move away from feelings of burnout and exhaustion.

Deep dive into how vulnerability and passion can drive intimacy, connection, and intentionality in your family life.


Couple Spotlights

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Upcoming Workshops

All workshops begin at 9:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM.


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Meet Your Instructors

Ann and Sunny are visionary entrepreneurs who have built multiple successful ventures while raising a young family. Spending more than five years developing, applying, and refining Mpowered Families, they experienced a shift in their family culture, found alignment toward shared dreams, and became more intentional about their marriage and parenting after just one year of implementing this program in their lives.

As they shared Mpowered Families tools with others, Ann and Sunny quickly realized the power this program has to transform families by empowering couples to be the best spouses and parents possible and create their ideal lives together. Now, they are thrilled to share this program with a larger audience of like-minded family leaders who want to take their family life to the next level.



Who should attend?
This program is designed for couples who have a good marriage and want to make it great. High-achieving couples who are seeking to build a high-performing family that is filled with purpose, alignment, and connection will get the most out of this program.
What is the format of the program?
You will participate in quarterly workshops, each focusing on a critical component of the overall Mpowered Families program. In these workshops, you will learn how to use the tools in the Mpowered Families toolkit, which will help you be more intentional as a couple and as a family. A smaller cohort will serve as your accountability partners and provide opportunities for peer learning and connection between workshops.
Is the program considered to be couples therapy or counseling?
No. These workshops are not marriage counseling or therapy.  This program is designed for those with a good marriage who want to make it great.
What support is available outside of the workshops?
Throughout the program, you will have 24/7 access to your private cohort group chat for peer learning as well as ongoing email support for any questions you may have.
Will I be asked to share openly or participate in exercises during the workshop?
This program helps couples grow individually and together, and learning from other couples is extremely beneficial. The more you and others in the group share, the more everyone grows. However, you are encouraged to share only as much as you feel comfortable sharing.
What is the investment and what is included?
$5,500 per couple, this includes:
• Interactive quarterly workshops to learn and practice new tools and mindsets
• Time to connect and work with your partner to design the life you want
• A clear roadmap for goal setting, planning, and implementation
• Actionable tools to improve your communication, conflict-management, and decision-making skills
• A personality profile report to help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and vision
• Opportunities to connect, learn from, and reflect with other high-performing couples
• Ongoing email support for Q&A
• 24/7 private cohort chat group for peer learning
• 24/7 alumni community chat group for peer learning
How long does the program last?
We ask for a 1-year commitment. Couples graduate after completing 4 workshops. Couples register and pay annually. After graduation, couples will be eligible to enroll in our enhanced programming curriculum to continue their journey.
Do both my spouse and I need to attend every session?
Yes, this program is focused on creating purpose and alignment in your marriage and family, so you will both need to attend. We understand that emergencies can happen—if you’re not able to attend your workshop, we will work with you to get you and/or your spouse caught up!
Does this program offer any guarantees?
Yes. If you both attend the first workshop in its entirety and do not feel that you received value, we will issue you a full refund.  We believe in this program that much!
Will my children be able to attend these workshops?
No. These workshops are for adults only so that we can create a safe, sacred space for you to work on yourself, your marriage, and your family.  However, we will be rolling out separate programming for children in the future.
Do you offer this program specifically for EO and YPO groups?
Yes, we do offer this program as a cohort in a box specifically for EO and YPO chapters. Please feel free to reach out to for more information.