If you want a connected, engaged family life, you have to treat family with the same level of dedication and intention as you do your business. 

Unlock your family’s full potential with actionable tools and a powerful community of like-minded family leaders.

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Empowering Families to Live Their Dream Life

At Mpowered Families, our vision is to help you have a family life filled with purpose, alignment, and connection. We help you create a shared vision, improve communication, and take action to be intentional about the life you and your family want to lead together.

"It was very collaborative. Just getting to hear what other people have to say about certain topics; it's just inspiring and motivating to learn from other people."
–Couple's Testimonial

What does a high-performing family look like?


Gain clarity around the overarching goals of your family, the values it represents, and the role each family member plays in future success.


When we align our family’s purpose and values, we are able to balance individual wants and needs with the wants and needs of the family.


Take control of building the family life you want with an empowered mindset to grow as individuals and as a family unit.

Mpowered Families Program

A Transformational 1-Year Program

In this year-long program, we’ll help you move from theory to practice with actionable insights on how to create alignment and intentionality in your family through four full-day workshops.

  • Build better family habits that allow you to strengthen your connection with your spouse and children
  • Explore your passions and vulnerabilities to unlock your family’s full potential
  • Get your family on the same page with multiple actionable tools and resources
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Couple Spotlights


Meet Ann and Sunny Sheu

Ann and Sunny, visionary entrepreneurs and parents, have spent over five years developing and refining Mpowered Families—a program that equips business and family leaders with the tools, space, and structure they need to create an engaged, connected family without sacrificing the success of their business.

After running multiple businesses, Ann and Sunny quickly realized that business success didn't automatically equal family success, and in order to have the family life they wanted, they needed to prioritize their family like they were their businesses.

Now, through Mpowered Families, Ann and Sunny equip other high-achieving couples with the tools, space, and structure they need to be intentional family leaders so that their families never become casualties of their business.