Gain a New Perspective With Clarity and Alignment

Like clockwork, every Monday my husband gets his bike out of the garage, loads it onto the car, and heads to the mountain.

For a while, part of me judged him for this.

I viewed it as an escape, and would get frustrated that he wasn’t at home with us.

I had a distorted perspective.

I failed to understand his feelings toward mountain biking.

I didn’t know what it really meant to him.

My perspective shifted when we completed the Mpowered Families Personal Roadmap.

We dedicated time and created space to understand what was important to us individually and as a family.

Creating clarity and alignment with what we love and loathe, our dreams, our goals, our values, and our priorities, changed how we communicate and show up for our family.

Once I saw how many times ‘mountain biking’ was listed on Sunny’s roadmap, I understood this needed to be a part of his routine.

Now, I root him on and encourage him to get out on the trail every week, and sometimes we even join him.  

Does this story sound familiar to you?

How often have you created friction by judging your partner’s decisions as being selfish?

If you had clarity on the level of importance of that decision or why he or she was spending their time pursuing it, would you feel the same?

Seeing another point of view can be challenging at times.

But with time, effort, and the prioritization of gaining clarity and alignment you will create a powerful family team.

Because when each individual is understood and supported, the whole family wins.

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